The Department of Building and Code enforces the standards of Pennsylvania's Uniform Construction Code.  The Department also administers the Zoning Use Ordinance which regulates the placement of accessory structures including pools, fences, sheds and garages.

The department handles all Subdivision and Land Development plans pertaining to a change of use for residential and commercial developments.  Additionally, the department handles all Commercial Occupancy Inspections.  Lastly, the department enforces the standards of the International Property Maintenance Code concerning blighted, deteriorated and abandoned property which inhibit the health, safety and welfare of the public and environment.

For information please contact the Code and Zoning Enforcement Office at 724.527.4000 X 20 from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.


Zoning Permits:

A program established by the City of Jeannette to assist business owner’s with manufacturing needs through a low interest loan.

(Due to funding constraints, the City is not accepting new applications at this time.)

Zoning Permit Application

Building and Code Forms

Financial assistance for commercial/retail owners for improvements to the front of the building structure. This program  is a 50% grant and 50% low interest loan. The maximum project total cannot exceed $10,000.

(Due to funding constraints, the City is not accepting new applications at this time.)

Download Permits:


The steps above apply to commercial properties.  However, for commercial properties the inspector is  the Code Enforcement Officer, William Whetzel.  Mr. Whetzel is tasked with the responsibility of conducting commercial occupancy inspections and granting commercial occupancy permits. He can be reached  at 724-527-4000 x 20. The process for commercial occupancy inspection can be a bit more detailed. It is recommended that you reach out to Mr. Whetzel before completing the various steps in the process.

Occupancy Permit/Inspection Information

Pursuant to Ordinance #15-04, all properties which are not owner-occupied must register for an occupancy permit/occupancy inspection (fire safety inspection). The fee is $100.00 per unit. Please follow the instructions above.  


Non - Occupancy Residential Buildings and Units Permit/Inspection Information

All non-owner occupied residential buildings or units require a fire safety inspection by the Fire Department and a rental unit occupancy permit prior to occupancy.

One to three units per building requires an inspection prior to any new tenant moving in and every ten years with a permit fee of $100 per unit

Four or more units in the same building require an annual inspection by the Fire Department with a permit fee of $50 per unit

Process to receive a permit:

  • Call or stop at the Tax Office to schedule your inspection time and date. Payment can be made to the Tax Office (in person or by mail) or the inspecting Firefighter can take a check or money order at the time of the inspection.
  • Owner or a local owner’s representative shall meet the Fire Department on site to complete the inspection at the date and time scheduled. The FD will email an inspection report to the owner or manager and either pass the property and issue a permit or hold the unit as “pending” until any outstanding deficiencies are corrected.
  • The permit will be emailed as a PDF to the owner and recorded in the Tax Office with no further action required of the owner. If requested, a hard copy of the permit can be printed at the Tax Office for pick up.



Demolition and Site Clearance of residential dwellings. City has contracted for the removal and site clearance of fifteen (15) residential properties.

​They are as follows: 1504 Penn Ave., 203 N. 8th St., 709 Bullitt Ave., 305 S. 3rd St., 129 N. 3rd St., 112 Good St., 806 1/2 Western Ave., 808 1/2 Western Ave., 205 N. 2nd St., 714 Chambers Ave., 214 N. 4th St., 1009 Scott Ave., 1016 Scott Ave., 826 Scott Ave., and 501 Cowan Ave. The demolition is anticipated to begin the last week in June.


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