Under Section 504(a) of the Right-to-Know Law, 65 P.S. § 67.101, et seq. (“RTKL”), permits the City to develop policies to implement the RTKL.   To request records under the Right To Know Law, please complete the the request form, Standard Right -To-Know-Request Form, and email to the Right To Know Officer, Ethan Keedy, at ekeedy@cityofjnt.com or mail to:

City of Jeannette
Attn: Ethan Keedy
110 S 2nd Street
Jeannette PA 15644.

City of Jeannette - Right-to-Know Law Policy

For requests to the Police Department, please visit our Police Department Page.

* Please note that there is a $15.00 fee for each incident report requested and some information may be redacted as exemptions to the Right-to-Know Law (See 65 P.S. § 708). Checks should be issued to the City of Jeannette*

City Right to Know

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