The Sanitation Department is responsible for the collection of refuse (garbage) and Recyclables (Clear Glass, Metal Cans, and Newspaper) for the city businesses and residents.

Garbage Pick-up Days 
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Residential Accounts

Refuse for residential customers is serviced weekly with curb side pickup. All refuse must be placed in specifically designated plastic garbage bags which may be purchased at the City Treasurer's Office, as well as several other locations within the City. The department is not responsible for any garbage cans and containers that residents use to dispose of their garbage.

The City of Jeannette mandates all residential customers recycle the following items: Newspaper, Bi-Metal, Aluminum Cans and Clear Glass. Items must be placed in specifically designated recycle bins. Bins are available free of charge from the City Treasurer's Office. Recyclables are collected every-other week.

2024 Residential Rates:

  • $132.00 per residential unit per six (6) months | Res. 21-15
  • $10.00 per roll of 25 City mandated garbage bags | Ord. 15-05
  • $4.00 per sheet of 10 stickers  for use on non City mandated garbage bags | Ord. 18-07

Commercial Account

Commercial businesses can utilize a dumpster or regular bag collection. The fee schedule for commercial sanitation rates can be found in Resolution 21-15. Dumpsters are to be purchased and maintained by the commercial business. The City does not provide dumpsters to commercial businesses.

2024 Commercial Account Rates:

Bag Rates (Res. 21-15):  Monthly rates are based upon use of the City's mandated trash bags. If you are not using the mandated City bags, you can purchase stickers to be placed on other bags. Stickers are $4.00 per 10 per page.

  • 1-5 bags - $26.40
  • 6-14 bags - $31.20
  • 15-19 bags - $50.40
  • ​20-24 bags - $66.00
  • 25+ bags - $81.60

Dumpster Rates (Res. 19-17):  For more information download out Dumpster Agreement

  • 2 Yard Dumpster - $28.00 per pull
  • 3 Yard Dumpster - $35.00 per pull
  • 4 Yard Dumpster - $40.00 per pull
  • 6 Yard Dumpster - $50.00 per pull
  • 8 Yard Dumpster - $62.00 per pull

Garbage Bags are available at the following locations (Call For Location Hours):

  • City Hall Treasurer's Office: 110 S. 2nd Street - 724-527-4000 Ext: 15 and 16
  • Thunder Rolls: 312 Clay Avenue - 724-374-5723
  • Candy's Corner Deli: 643 Division Street - 724-374-5249
  • Arlington Market: 415 Harrison Avenue - 724-523-3737
  • Sunoco: 1110 Lowry Avenue - 724-374-5512
  • Glass City Café:  602 Clay Ave - 724-374-5568

Large Item Pick Up Information:

Every household will be allowed one large trash item on the first full week (M-F) of each month. The large item may be placed out during your regular trash pickup day. Please remember, items such as electronics, tires, paint, contracting supplies, and lumber are not acceptable. Only the items found in the fee schedule, or those similar in nature, should be placed out for pick-up.

The City of Jeannette requires the use of City designated garbage bags with a weight limit of 35 lbs. Should you wish to dispose of a large item such as a couch, chair or table, you can purchase a PINK sticker at the City Treasurer Office. The City sanitation department will be notified that the item is eligible for pick-up. The item will then be hauled away during your regular trash pick-up day.

Fee Schedule - PINK Stickers For Large Item Pick-up


A property owner my apply for exoneration of a sanitation bill provided that the property is vacant for over two (2) months of a billing period.  Pursuant to Ordinance 97-04: Applications for exoneration of a sanitation bill may be submitted no later than sixty (60) days following the end of the billing period. Please contact the City Treasurer for questions regarding this process.

Garbage Exoneration Form