Required Permits

  • Residential Permits (for 1 or 2 bedroom dwellings)
      1. New 1 & 2 Family Dwellings
      2. New accessory structures over 1000sf
      3. New additions
      4. New porches, decks and any attached structures
      5. Retaining walls over 48″
      6. ALL POOLS, saunas, hot tubs over 24″ high
      7. The “REPLACEMENT” of any of the above!
      8. ANY STRUCTURAL WORK! Joist, walls, rafters, post, beams, footers, trusses
      9. Adding roofs, walls, new egress doors, floor joist, changing central heating from gas to elect/elect to gas, solar panels, unfinished porch/basement to living space
    • Some common work that is exempt: replacing siding, shingles, floor boards, drywall, same size windows or doors, adding insulation, painting, common electric and plumbing work, gutters/downspouts
  • Commercial Permits
      2. ALL NEW AND REPLACEMENT AND RENOVATION WORK, structural, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, roofing, fire systems
      4. New or changing the “USE” of a building/structure (i.e. change from retail to bank to bar to church to office to bakery to child care to hotel to car repair to museum)
    • Some common COMMERCIAL WORK that is exempt: replacing same existing doors or windows, replacing existing bathroom fixtures, painting, siding, flooring, drywall/plaster repair, minor plumbing and electrical repairs, ALWAYS CALL BEFORE BEGINNING ANY COMMERCIAL PROJECT

 Residential Exemption from Permits

  • New replacement windows (same size)
  • New doors (same size)
  • Siding/painting
  • Roof shingles (only residential)
  • Gutter/downspout
  • Hot water tank (replacing existing)
  • Plumbing fixtures (sink, toilet, etc – replacing existing)
  • Deco – Shutters, mailbox, light fixtures
  • Flooring (tile, carpet and wood flooring)
  • Drywall and plaster repairs
  • Pools under 24″ high and no pump

Zoning Permit

This permit is necessary for all business in the City of Jeannette. Your business must be approved by the Zoning office, inspected by the Fire Marshal, and issued this permit prior to opening.

Zoning permit is required for:

  • All sheds
  • All fences (over 18″)
  • ALL signs (except temporary signs)
  • Curb cuts or new driveways
  • All garages and carports

Click to Download Occupancy Permit

Occupancy Permit

This permit is necessary for all business in the City of Jeannette. Your business must be approved by the Zoning office, inspected by the Fire Marshal, and issued this permit prior to opening.

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Residential Occupancy Permit

This permit is required for all single family and multi-family rental units. The Fire Marshal must inspect the dwelling prior to the issuance of a permit. This permit is required prior to occupancy for all single-family dwellings.

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Home Occupation Permit

This permit is necessary for all zoning hearing board approved home occupations. Said document must be issued prior to opening of a home to a occupation.

Sign Permit

This permit is necessary for all new signs, changes to signs and relocation of signs. No sign may be erected, changed, or moved prior to the issuance of a sign permit.

Building Permit

A building is not required for routine repairs or maintenance. Example include new roof (no pitch change), siding, and painting. A building permit is required for an improvement that involves new construction, a structural alteration, or an addition. Building and/or Zoning Permits are required for, but are not limited to the following: sheds, garages, porches (both New and replacement) building demolition, and carports. City zoning regulations place various restrictions to property. It is best to contact the Ordinance/Zoning Department to inquire if you need a permit prior to the start of any planed change to your property and to discuss zoning regulations that may be pertinent to your plans.

Building permit is required for:

  • New structures – ALL
  • Addiction – ALL
  • Electrical service & wiring (Commercial only)
  • New bathroom (not for replacing existing bathroom fixtures)
  • New kitchen (not for replacing existing kitchen fixtures)
  • New furnace – ALL NEW AND REPLACEMENTS (Commercial only)
  • All porch/deck/patio (if replacing just floor boards – no) New or replacement
  • All structural construction – New or replacement
  • Structural- If it is holding anything up, it is structural (All stairs, rails and posts, walls, roofs are structural)
  • Retaining walls over 48″ – ALL

Note: New business or use of building must comply with handicap and fire codes and require a building permit.

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Subdivision/Land Development

All subdivisions and land development are governed by the City’s Ordinance Zoning ordinances. Plans must be reviewed by the City’s Planning Commission. Final approval rests with the Mayor and City Council. Note: Should you require and documentation or information regarding code or zoning ordinances, please contact the City’s Ordinance/Zoning Office at 724-527-4000 ext. 20 during the regular business hours of 8:00a.m. through 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

For more information contact the City Ordinance/Zoning office at 724-527-4000 ext. 20 or the Fire Marshal’s office at 724-527-4021 from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.


  • Can be on your property line, except along streets or alleys (3 feet back)
  • Rear yard 6 foot max height
  • Side yard (to front of house) 6 feet max height
  • Front of house, 4 feet max height
  • Corner lots on a main street – frontage on streets have 4 feet max height along both streets
  • Corner lots on streets, alleys or right of ways must follow Penndot “line of sight rule”


  • Sheds over 150sq/ft, must be in the backyard only!
  • Must be a minimum of 30 feet from your rear lot line
  • Must be a minimum of 5 feet from your side yard, the other side of your yard must have a set back of at least 10 feet
  • NOTE: Sheds under 150sq/ft can be relocated in the side or rear yard and can be only 5 feet from side or rear lot lines
  • All sheds/garages must be 10 feet from any house


  •  All garages must be in the back  yard or set in a side yard not extending into the front yard
  • All driveways from a street must obtain a ‘curb cut’ approval from city council
  • Set back requirements are same as sheds
  • Construction drawings must be complete, clean, neat and describe all components, spacings and spans

Pool/Spas or Hot Tubs

  1. Require Building Permit
    • Specs from manufacturer on pool and pumps
  2. Require Plot/Lot Plan Survey
    • Show your lot and size
    • Show building location
    • Show street with name and house number
    • Show location of pool with distance from rear and side property lines, and house
  3. Cannot be under any power lines of within ten feet of a dropped line